What we Do

Strategy 1:  We help understand and forecast potential hazards, and endeavor to create best practices to help our leaders, investors and other stake holders to minimize risk


Strategy 2:  We have a shared commercial / financial institution, which works on our behalf, because as owner-insureds, the interest of the company is actually to help its clients first.  The client is always right, because the client is the owner..

Strategy 3:  We pool risk in a capital account, and then expect better than average mutual fund or retail institutional returns.  As a wholesale institution, that only markets to sophisticated real estate principals, we have the ability to share risk and pool resources in a way that leverages our collective understanding of values.

Strategy 4:  We invest out capital account in hard money loans, working on a 4 points and 10% interest structure, giving 10 points to our risk pool holders

Strategy 5:  Leveraging innovative finance, we give our real estate owners and investors the opportunity to elect into ownership of debt, equity
or hybrid securities, and we are early adaptors for the use of these underlying assets as collateral for traditional and “digital” funding through the block chain